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SEO Organic Packages

No. of Keywords Covered
Up to 15
Up to 30
Up to 60
Up to 80
Up to 100
Up to 200
Up to 500
Research and Setup Stage

Keywords ResearchUnderstanding client business and researching keywords using search engine tools like adwords tool to discover potential keywords

Competition Keyword ResearchThere are several Paid services which offer competitive information such as the keywords that competition rank for. We compare these keywords with client’s business and select the one’s that match with client’s USP.

SEO Keyword SelectionBased on above 2 research and with/without client, keywords are selected based on commercial value and having high relevancy with clients products/services.

Google Webmaster Tool Setup and ReviewBasic settings like location targeting and for future analysis this setup is carried out. Location setting has low importance, but can help a lot in certain cases.

Google Anayltics SetupThis will provide visitor details, conversion details like sales / leads generated through different sources. Month to month visitor comparison, etc.

W3C ValidationNot an important factor, but W3C validation ensures that the site can be crawled easily by search engines.

Search Engine SubmissionThere are 1000′s of small search engines apart from Yahoo, Bing and Google. During this process we submit to relevant search engines manually and using automatic tools. No link is generated during this process. It is to inform these search engine that our website exist, as small search engine do not crawl websites and do not have that kind of resouce.

On Page Factors

Web Hosting SEO AnalysisDuring this stage, IP address is checked to see if you are on shared hosting and if the IP also have any websites [not owned by you] which are banned by google. Duplicate URL and basic redirection [in case site has been redeveloped] check is also carried out.

Website Audit v/s Top 10 competition This is a report which we run internally for main keywords, comparing your website against top 10 result and aligning your on-page strategies accordingly.

Meta Tags (Title and Description)The Title that is visible in search result along with description, which is optimized during this stage. Title is also visible when the website is open and the blue section on top contains the title of the webpage. Title has a high importance in SEO, although these days Google may generate its own title. It is still a factor considered by all search engines.

Header Tag Optimization (H1, H2 etc)These are the text which are contained within H1 or H2 tags. If they are not present, we suggest places where they can be added as this helps search engine determine what the page content is about and again is an important factor.

Alternate Text Added To ImagesAlternate text is what is seen on browser where image is disabled and is considered by all search engine to determine page content and it may also help ranking images in Google image result.

Content Analysis and RecommendationThese include content changes based on several SEO factors.

Internal Linking RestructuringInternal links are created. Linking one page of your website to another page of your website. This is done using relevant keywords, which we are targeting.

Navigational Linking RestructuringNavigational links and the text which are used to link are analyzed and recommended changes are suggested.

Duplicate Content AnalysisSearch engines devalue sites which have too much duplicate content and several checks are carried out during this stage as duplicate content can be created due to server issues, programming issues and duplication of work.

Creation of Robot.txt fileThis files contains important information telling search engines which directories and files they should crawl and which they should ignore.

Canonicalization AnalysisSeveral times due to the CMS used there are duplicate pages with different URL. Using these tags we tell Google which version they should consider and which they should ignore.

Creation & Registration of sitemap.xml

Link redirect auditAfter redesigning a website or moving certain pages, it is important that previous links are redirected to the new ones for general public and for the purpose of SEO.

Schema HTML TagsNowadays, there are lots of rich snippets within the search results like Photos, Reviews, Event Details, etc. Depending on your business we suggest which snippets can be used in your business. These snippets helps your business get more visibility when they rank.

Installation of Google+1 and Facebook Likes
Link Procurement
Minimum 300/Month
Minimum 400/Month
Minimum 700/Month
Minimum 1050/Month
Minimum 1050/Month
Minimum 2000/Month
Minimum 4000/Month

Article & Blog Submission to Top
Web 2.0 Authority SitesWe create unique content and submit them to sites which accepts articles and blogs. These sites in return provide us with a link which counts as a positive vote.

Creation of Highly Spun Unique Articles for Submission4 Articles are created which are mixed in such a way that they generate 100′s of unique and readable content. These cost as much as $36 per article and are of high quality.

DMOZ SubmissionDMOZ is one of the biggest online directory and a link from there has huge value. It takes around 1-2 month for approval.

Free & Paid directory submissions
(One- Time)There are several online directories which are still used and provide links and SEO value. We carry out one time and ongoing Directory Submission to such directories.

Forum Posting on Relevant ForumsOur link builders participate in various forums and contribute to the topic or discussion and in process we get a link to your website. Mostly these are relevant forums within your industries.

Blog Commenting on quality/relevant blogs (Minimum PR2 Pages)Several bloggers like to interact and see what their readers are commenting. We built relationship with these bloggers by commenting on their latest or popular blogs and during the process they allow us to leave a link. We do not use any automated tools and strict controls are there in place to avoid blogs which have spam links.

Social Profile Link Creation (Web 2.0 sites)When creating profiles there are options to add website details. Several sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc have this option and we try to make sure such profiles are created on monthly basis. We do not repeat these sites for atleast 4 months.

Competition Link Analysis And ProcurementUsing tools worth more than $300/Month we dig into your competition’s SEO campaign and try to obtain similar links or links from the same website. This is highly important and helps discover link pattern which are unique to your industry.

Press Release SubmissionWe create and submit your press release to Paid & Free Press Release distribution service.

Guest BloggingThis technique is not applicable in every industry. We research your industry and accordingly use this technique. It basically includes creation of high quality content, which are published by blog within your industry and you get a link while posting as a guest. Content creation and execution is done by us, however, client may need to provide content ideas on what can go viral.

Creation and Management of BlogWe create and Manage your blog by posting relevant articles and create link building campaigns to these blogs which are internally linked to your product / service page.

Link BaitingThis includes creation of highly quality content which can attract bloggers within your industry to link to it and blog about it. For example, let say you write about top 20 people to follow on Google+ within your industy, which is something that can go viral if it is seen by any of the top 20 people, whom we try to contact through twitter/google+.

Second Tier Link BuildingThis includes linking to the links which we have created using online services to ensure these links are indexed/crawled by search engine.

Submission to 7 Private Networks for Thematic one-way LinksThere are several networks which provide a platform for blog owners to get good content and link builders get links, by providing unique content. We submit to 7 private network which cost almost $500+/month.

Submission of links to Paid Indexing Service’sAll links which are not crawled by search engines after one month of creation are then submitted to paid services to ensure you get the best result.

Article Submission to article directories This is similar to the first point, but involves submitting to small directories which is normally done after 1 week of submitting to top directories.

Reporting and Consultation
Dedicated Account Representative
Keyword Position Reporting
Social Media Reporting

Ongoing Monthly Traffic Analysis And Reporting

SEO Consultation
Key phrases guaranteed on 1st page results of Google with 3 month commitment.







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