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How To Get On The First Page Of Google | Get On The 1st Page Of Google

How To Get On The First Page Of Google?

The quickest way and often the most costly way to get on the 1st page of google is to utilize the power of adwords. Sometimes referred to as pay per click or PPC, where you literally pay per click when a searcher views, then clicks on your advertisement. Depending on the industry, bids can range anywhere from $0.05 all the way up to $100 per click.

When using PPC marketing, the position of your ads ranking is determined by the bid amount you are willing to pay per click. Your ad will be reviewed and will be assigned a quality score ranking between 1 and 10. Based on the quality score that your ad receives, will be one determining factor of how much you will have to pay to obtain specific ad positioning.

Stick to what you are good at and what you do best don’t try and figure out how to do it, let our team of professionals set up your adwords campaigns. This way you can get higher quality scores, target the right keywords to get you the right traffic and to set up your ads correctly.

Get On The 1st Page Of Google With PPC

Another way to get on the first page of google is to get listed in the organic search results. This can be a timely process depending on the keywords you are targeting, but studies show this is usually the more trusted results according to internet searchers.

This method of getting found on google is known as, Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO for google consists of building links to let the search engines know that you are an authority in your industry. Not only do you build links, but you create videos, create and participate in blogs and forums and interact with and throughout the internet. Can I build the links myself you might ask. While you can build the links yourself, you have to know what websites to build links on, how to create the links, know what keyword diversity to use when creating your links, make sure you build the links correctly, make sure you place them at the right time and lastly have to the time to do all of this.

Or you take the easy/smarter route and hire a company that knows how to do all of this for you, make sure you hire a company that guarantees their work.

The only other way you can get on google first page, is with google maps. With this method you have to be a physically based business, and have a location in the area where the searcher is searching. The results that will be shown are marked with “lettered bubbles” usually A through G in the search results.

This portion of the search results is still in “beta” mode and constantly being tested. So what that means to you is, one day your business might be in bubble listing B and then the next day it is nowhere to be found. This is not always true, but in a lot of conversation with different clients some have experienced it.

Now that you know the answer to “how do I get on page one of google” what are you waiting for, call us today 1-855-736-6974 and we will get you on the 1st page of the google search results.